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Will Aid

If you die without having made a Will your wishes will not be taken into account and your estate will pass according to set rules called the rules of intestacy.

It is important for anyone who has any assets or property to make a will as this ensures that your wishes are followed and it will make the administration of your estate easier to deal with.

  • Some of the main reasons people choose to make a will are:-
  • Unmarried partners can only benefit from your estate if you make a will;
  • To make sure that assets are looked after in trust for young children or vulnerable beneficiaries;
  • Guardians for young children can be appointed in your Will;
  • Tax planning;
  • Appointing executors- these are the people that will administer your estate and carry out the wishes in your will;
  • To make gifts to charities, friends or family who would not inherit under the rules of intestacy;

As well as making a will it is important to review your will regularly to make sure that it continues to reflect your wishes, particularly following a change of circumstances such as marriage, divorce, the birth of a child or changes in your assets.

Will Aid is a scheme designed to raise funds for nine leading charities. Every November participating solicitors waive their fee for writing a basic will, and instead invite their clients to make a donation to Will Aid.

Jennifer Melly Law participates in Will Aid every November.

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